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Tuesday, 9 April 2013 21:45
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 This month is the last month I will be at the college I am currently attending. I am so busy with my papers, scripts, speeches. I can't wait until I finish my last two exams and get to relax over the summer while I finalize everything with the school I am transferring to. I hope that school is better than this one. I constantly felt like the school didn't want us to succeed. My current school didn't tell me I had a library fine for a whole year while I still checked out library books for research. They also told me they sent out my transcript when they never did. 

I got something accomplished today. I wrote another few scenes of my script, which is coming along nicely. I wrote a short essay for my communications online discussion. I wrote my thesis for my film essay. I won't start my critical methods essay until I get my annotated bibliography back from the teacher. 

I am going over the film thesis in class on friday, so I will officially start writing that paper after I do that. I don't have class tomorrow because of the online discussion, so I will most likely spend the day writing my script, which is due April 16th at midnight. 

12/4/13 11:47 (UTC)
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Sounds like a pretty demoralising place to be. And I'm stunned that you weren't told about the fine but they continued to let you borrow books! That's one weird library.

But congratulations on getting so much writing done! And good luck with the script, I'm sure it's going to be great.

(P.S. I love your layout! It's adorable.)


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